Psicofy is a multidisciplinary group of professionals formed by psychologists,

paediatricians, technologists and professors dedicated to the development of

solutions that improve the integration of the individual in society.



We improve the concord of parents to adapt to the evolution that is taking place in society.

Our aim is to minimize the impact of new technologies in the family and improve communication among its members.

Psicofyhas technological solutions that reduce the intergenerational gap.


The education sector needs tools that help harmonize relationships between students, teachers and families. To this end, we provide a list of solutions and tools that improve the capacity for adaptation and intervention for tutors.


Therapy 3.0 brings a new approach to psychotherapy, allowing a better adaptation to the possible

emotional disorders or deficiencies that affect personal




The best companies declare that their main asset is people. Every day we detect a greater lack of harmony between family life and work life. We offer psychosocial solutions that increase intrinsic value and improve sustainability in the work environment.

Psicofy is a project of HealthCare Medical Support.

Psychologist service with an application of  videoconference.

Gran Vía Carlos III, 98, 10ª Planta - 08028 - Barcelona

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