A good working environment generates a greater productivity in the companies and guarantees the success of the same ones"


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Burnout prevention workshop

Knowing the right moment to reward an employee with an economic boost, to change the project of a worker or to give a touch of attention is an advantage that increases the well-being of employees and generates a greater work performance, reducing absenteeism and increasing The engagement.

Mobbing prevention workshop

Mobbing is a phenomenon that affects not only the victim, but all those witnesses suffer from psychological disorders and see reduced performance. Preventing workplace harassment is a safety measure that avoids decreasing welfare and employee performance.

Coaching for a good emotional salary

Stress at work produces costs for both the employee and the company. In addition to the numerous physical and physiological symptoms, they cause work absenteeism due to psychological causes and an aggressive and unproductive attitude in the work area.

Psicofy is a project of HealthCare Medical Support.

Psychologist service with an application of  videoconference.

Gran Vía Carlos III, 98, 10ª Planta - 08028 - Barcelona

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